Gøril Wold Wægger -  Founder, manager and boardmember

Born 1969, married to Roar and have three children, all basketball players. Engaged in voluntarily work most of her adult life. 

Establishing Lead4Peace in 2013, and have applied for, planned, and joined youth exchanges since 2013 with Nesodden IF Bobcats and Peace Players International and now also for Ulern IF Basket and Keravnos BC in Cyprus. Having the oportunity to see many young people develop as individuals throug joining our exchanges and youth work has been an amazing experience. 

Working as a senior Partner with Maze Feedback, NLP practitioner educated, board member experience and will by end September 2021 finish an advisor course with the Norwegian Sport Federation. 

Big passion for youth work, basketball and nature!

Roar Thun Wægger - Founder, manager and Chief of Board

Roar resides in Nesodden, outside Oslo, Norway with his wife Gøril, and they have three basketball playing children.

Roar has a strong involvement in the conflict resolution organization PeacePlayers International (PPI). Together with his wife and three kids they moved to Cyprus and worked voluntarily with PPI-Cyprus for one year. There they helped create, and take part in, an exchange program with youths from all PPI destinations Cyprus, Northern-Ireland, Middle East, and South-Africa, and their basket club Nesodden, in Norway.

Roar has a the law degree from the University of Oslo. He has continued his professional education at Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation, and Pepperdine University, the Straus Institute, to develop his skills in negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution. Roar is a facilitator and mediator at, and founder of, the Waegger Negotiation Institute AS - WNI in Oslo. He founded WNI in September 2017 after working as a labor lawyer for nearly a decade. Roar has delivered programs in negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, and influence training to a wide variety of clients in numerous formats all over the world..

Force commander's Appreciation - Proud recievers

Spring 2016 we received this appreciation from the Norwegian Force Commander in Cyprus Kristin Lund, for our engagement with Lead4Peace in Cyprus. This is something we are very proud of and highly appreciated. This motivates us to continue bringing youths together.