Workshops-Learning together

Interactive workshops with life skills

Interactive workshops where our participants are learning by working together is one of our core specialities and a very efficient way to reach out to young people. They learn to solve challenges by working together as a group and communicate, reflect in safe environment. Workshops covers subjects such as communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, reflection etc. These workshops always engage all participants and leave the participants with valuable experience and life skills. Use us to make your youth exchange even better. 

Our parter and main sponsor "Wægger Negotiation Institute" ( is a profescional facilitater and run most of the workshops for us.

Workshop learnings into the sport

The learnings from the workshops are of course being used on the sport court - no matter what sport! This way we take the learnings and reflection from the workshop into the power of sport. The participants then see the connections and start learning by experiencing in the real life.