Partisipants reflections from Youth Passes

After this experience I believe that I can be an active citizen in my country and Europe in general. I was impressed with the way of life, the standard of living, the respect of the environment and organization of the country. My values expanded to the European values of unity, respect, eco-friendliness and communication. I easily adapted to the social and cultural life of the new country, and I participated in all the events actively. I also had to be a good representative of my country and my values and I believe I achieved this goal.

Cypriot Girl

16 years old

I found myself to adapt easily to a new culture and country and following the social and personal skills of those around me. I respect differences and similarities and I enjoy learning from others. My experience made me even more kind, social, and independent. I was able to collaborate in all tasks and had a positive attitude towards learning and adapting. I happily made new friends.

Norwegian Girl

19 Years old

I learned that I could easily become friends with people from other countries, regardless of how we grew up. It´s can help to find similarities, but as long as both parties are interested it is really easy. This way you also learn a lot about another culture which is always fun and interesting.

Cypriot Girl

15 Years old

We learned a lot of skills through the workshops we did especially communication skills and actually listen to the other person when he or she talks. Furthermore, we became more open and able to share our thoughts and ideas without being scared during our practices together with the Norwegian girls.

Cypriot Girl

17 years old

During my days in Norway I learned and became better at communicating with other people and express my thoughts, ideas and feelings without being scared of other's people reaction and attitude towards me. I achieved that through the workshops that we did and the discussions we had with the girls expressing our thoughts and talking about the future and the past.

Cypriot Girl

18 Years old

We learned a lot about listening and that listening is a big part of communicating, this knowledge makes it a lot easier to understand different views and opinions. We also learned that if everybody participates it is easier to come up with solutions and it is a more interesting way to learn.

Norwegian Girl

16 Years old