The Board, in addition to Gøril and Roar

Tore Grøttum

Born 1962, residens in Oslo. 

He has worked most of his adult life in CFO and CEO positions. MBA in accounting from NHH Norwegian School of Economics and completed the AFF Solstand top management program. Currently self employed within management for hire. Married to Johan, a freelance director and choreographer for theatre and TV. As a male couple we do not have children but have closely followed up a "bonus son" from teenager to young adult. Passion for mentoring young people and take great pride in following their growth and transition into independent and well-reflected young adults.

Kristian Wold Wægger

Born in 1999, residens in Lillestrøm, outside of Oslo.

 He works as a store manager for one of Norway's biggest sport chains. As of now, he trains to complete one of the toughest extreme triathlon races in the world. Kristian has played basketball his whole life, he moved to Cyprus with his family at the age of 15. Playing basketball for one of the top teams as well as working voluntarily with Peace Players. He went on to play high school basketball in New York, Professionally in Barcelona, and ended his career playing college basketball for Saint John's MN in 2019. Kristian has worked with multiple volunteer organizations  over the years, including Lead4peace and Burke rehabilitation hospital. Kristian is great at motivating others and has a strong inner drive for learning and competing. He thinks sports are meant for everybody and strives to share his love for sports and meeting new people with everyone he meets.

William Wold Wægger

Born in 2002, residence in Nesodden outside Oslo.

William's basketball journey began in his early years. He initiated his basketball career at the local Nesodden Bobcats club and later went on to join the Keravnos basketball club in Nicosia, Cyprus, during his family's cap year. Throughout his basketball endeavors, William actively participated in numerous exchange trips facilitated by the collaborative program called Lead4Peace. This program fostered connections between the Nesodden Bobcats and PeacePlayers International, an organization dedicated to conflict resolution based in the United States. Through Lead4Peace, William gained a strong foundation that now enables him to contribute as both a basketball coach and facilitator in our exchange programs. In addition to his role as a player, William has dedicated several years to coaching younger children in the sport of basketball. His passion for the game extends beyond his own performance, as he shares his knowledge and skills with the next generation.

Camilla Wold Wægger

Born in 2005, residence at Nesodden outside Oslo. 

Camilla has played basketball since she was 9 years old and is now playing in the first division in Norway as well as with her U19 team at Ullern. She attended the U16 National team in 2021 and U18 National team in 2023, and has also been playing for Keravnos Basketball club in Nicosia during families' gap year. Camilla has joined Lead4Peace program with Nesodden and the US based conflict resolution organization Peace Players International. Her experience from Lead4Peace has given her a fundamental believe in the work we do to bridge and develop young people. She has attended 2 Youth Exchanges with Sport4Understadning as participants and is a part of our Mentoring Program. She has for years been working as a basketball coach at several basketball camps for young kids.