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The UN Resolution "Building a peaceful and better world through sport...

The UN Resolution "Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal". This UN resolution is warmed welcomed by Sport4Understanding.

The Resolution recommends that Member States implement sport-based programs to encourage peace and conflict resolution. The resolution is in the heart of the purpose of Sport4Understanding.

Through the exchanges we have done, and the exciting exchanges ahead of us with youths, sports and programs in peace and conflicts resolution, we are able to contribute to a more inclusive and less polarization world.

The UN Resolution is calling for the observance of the Olympic Truce from 7 days before the start of the Olympic Games and until 7 days after the end of the Paralympic Games.

Exchange to Cyprus just happend!

What a week we had - 36 girls from Ullern BC and Keravnos BC meeting up for a great exchange in Cyprus in November. Lots of basketball and many great workshops with foucs on conflict recolution, collaboration, cooperation and feedback. We also got a chance to visit the UN Bufferzone and meeting the Force commandor Ingrid Gjerde and her Norwegian team. Can't wait tom have the Cypriot visiting us in April.

Erasmus+ nye prosjekter

Se mulighetene for de neste 7 år

Erasmus+ lanserte Erasmus+ sine programmer for de neste 7 årene. Det skal brukes over 265 millioner norske kroner de neste 7 år, og det er mange muligheter. Blant annet har de startet et nytt prosjekt som heter Erasmus+Sport - dette gir mange muligheter for ulike idrettslag.

Logg deg inn på linken under og se alle mulighetene

Aktiv Ungdom/Erasmus+ has supported us with money for a youth exchange for 60 boys and girls to Cyprus July 2021. The coming exchange is with Ullern BC in Norway, Keravnos BC in Cyprus, and Skiathos BC in Greece. The trip will take place from 11th - 17th of July and will be hold in the Cypriot mountains Agros.