Our young mentors joining us


Our mentors are young adults that previously have joined youth activities and are now eager to share their experience with others. They will join us as mentors and be important contributors on all our Youth Activities. We are happy to introduce them to you.

Viktor Petrov - Mentor training

Basketball coach for 7 years. Participated in 10+ Erasmus+ programs. Currently co-coordinator for Erasmus exchange program (Lead4Peace), Peace-player ex-coach and alumni. Coordinator for a coaching development program.

Axl Gagliardi - 2004

Basketball player and coach for Kolbotn Basket. Lives in Kolbotn. Has participated in Lead4Peace to Israel.

 Leisure activities: Training and friends 

My strengths: Confident and committed 

Camilla Wold Wægger - 2005

Basketball player for Ullern Basket, formerly Nesodden. Lives in Oslo, has participated in L4P to Israel and 3 exchanges with S4U. 

Leisure activities: Friends and exercise My strengths: Inclusive and energetic 


Julian Sørensen - 2000

Used to play Basketball for Nesodden Basket, living at Nesodden. Has participated in L4P to Israel.

 Leisure activities: Lego and Body Building

My strengths: Positive and energetic 

Nittaya V. Klubbenes - 2005

Basketball player for Centrum Tigers and Asker, formerly Nesodden. Lives in Nesodden and has participated in L4P to Israel. 

Leisure activities: Exercising and being with family and friends 

My strengths: Good mood and positive 

Elise Sandnes - 2005

Basketball player for Centrum Tigers and Asker, formerly Nesodden. Also lives in Nesodden now and has participated in L4P to Israel. 

Leisure activities: Friends and family 

My strengths: Optimistic and responsible 

Simen Nyheim - 2002 

Simen plays basketball and now lives in Kolbotn after 3 years of school in Skien. He has participated in 4 exchanges with L4P to Israel, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Norway. 

 Leisure activities: Training and friends 

My Strengths: Committed and active

Jarand Tveito - 2001

Jarand is a Basketball player and also coach for Frøya Basket  and lives in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.

Leisure activities: Exercise and playing video games

My strengths: Responsible and helpful

Christopher Dalland - 2004

Christopher is born and raised in Bergen. And is both player and coach for Frøya Basketball.  He is Point guard and captain on both U15 and U18 national team of Norway.

Leisure activities: Listening to music and hanging with friends

Strengths: Receptive and enthusiastic

Helle Kjærnes Gaupseth - 2004

Former basketball player for Nesodden and lives in Nesodden. Attended L4P to Israel 

Leisure interests: Friends and nature 

My strengths: Committed and responsible