Sport - Bridging - Development

Our purpose

The organization's purpose is to use sports to develop contact and understanding between young people from different parts of the world. The philosophy is that activity, knowledge, and friendship help to build understanding and break down barriers.

"Sport has become a world language, a common denominator that breaks down all the walls, all the barriers. It is a worldwide industry whose practices can have widespread impact. Most of all, it is a powerful tool for progress and for development."

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

New UN Resolution

The UN Resolution "Building a peaceful and better world through sport...

The UN Resolution "Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal". This UN resolution is warmed welcomed by Sport4Understanding.

The Resolution recommends that Member States implement sport-based programs to encourage peace and conflict resolution. The resolution is in the heart of the purpose of Sport4Understanding.

Through the exchanges we have done, and the exciting exchanges ahead of us with youths, sports and programs in peace and conflicts resolution, we are able to contribute to a more inclusive and less polarization world.

The UN Resolution is calling for the observance of the Olympic Truce from 7 days before the start of the Olympic Games and until 7 days after the end of the Paralympic Games.